Serres Shank (b. 2 ATW) was a Ghumbi from Fungwood, and the Mayor of Truffville. He took over as Mayor after his mother's passing in 45 ATW, and has been the Mayor since. He was known as being very nice, and was known to walk down the main street with his cane greeting everyone he met. He was described as having a long white beard.

Serres was born to Debden Shank and Tremella Knapp, and was the younger brother of Skogar Shank. He married Huldranne, and the couple had two sons; Birk and Sten. Through his sons he has six grandchildren; Gibba, Aram, Royd, Bog, Vigo and Tussilago.

Preceeded by: Mayors of Fungwood Succeeded by:
Tremella Shank 45 ATW - ? Incumbent

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